Wednesday, April 27, 2011

GleeCap: Born This Way

Let me start out with this: This episode had some of the best music that I've heard in a while. That mashup of Unpretty and I Feel Pretty? Amazing!

And as I love the bulleted lists... let me give you my highlights:
  • Kurt's back!!! I'm wondering how long before the bullying starts again... and can we see more of Blaine too? Those two are adorable!
  • Santana: I pegged her for an entirely different Kinsey number! I didn't realize she'd be all out "Lebanese"! You can still tell that she has a whole of lot hurt, confusion and pain to work out still.
  • The Nose job.... It both fits with Rachael's character and doesn't. It was almost like it was a colossal bought of momentary weakness.
  • Quinn: Lucy Caboosey, huh? I'm both surprised and not. She tries SO hard to be perfect. She'll be happier being who she really is
  • Emma: I agree with bringing this out. The OCD was cute... until it was shown as destroying most of the good things in her life. They approached it in a very real way. She denied it. In most cases, denial (besides not just being a river in Egypt *rimshot*) is the first step to recovery.
  • Karofsky: There's three more episodes left to see where he's going... but it's quite an interesting ride.
The next episode is based around rumors, and Fleetwood Mac, the one after that is prom. But the last one before Nationals (and the finale) is called "Funeral."

Who is slated to bite it, I wonder!

And in other news.. It's Administrative Professionals Day (Secretary's Day). I'm hoping to feel the love today!

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