Monday, April 11, 2011

Working on that balance thing again..

I said there are 4 things I need to keep in balance: home, finances, health and personal

Finances: I helped out the finances by shutting down my Avon store. I half-assed the job and never really got many clients. So last night I ordered what I needed to for me, and then will let my representativeness lapse.

Health: I went on a blog subscribing spree today (because apparently I need more things to read). Many of those are food blogs. I seriously need to comb multitude of cooking blogs I'm on for healthy recipes and actually TRY them! I'm always reluctant to try new things. Why? I'm cheap. I'm afraid that I won't like it and I'll be out money. I know, it's silly.

Home: LAUNDRY! I have this backlog of stuff that was in storage. I need to wash it, a load a day.

Personal: Clean out my car. Like seriously. it's awful! Embarrassing even.

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