Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Nanny State

I read and article about school lunches today, and it got me thinking. Parenting seems to be a hot button issue these days.

We have parents that let their kids bring junk to school, either by design, or by not watching them. These people are either wrapped up in their own lives, working multiple jobs, or any number of reasons.

We have parents that would rather have everyone else watch their children. These are the parents that want to rid the world of things that their little darlings may see, read, Google, eat or come across that may upset them. These are the parents that try to get adult television shows off the air because they can't tell their kids no, don't watch that.

There are helicopter parents that do so much for their children that they can't do anything for themselves. These parents instantly gratify their children, and keep them from making the mistakes that they help them learn. These parents can produce the kids that teachers hate. The ones that want us to tell them what to do, give them the answers because they don't know how to find it, or because they are too lazy.

But I know there are parents can let kids fail and succeed on their own. They can pack a lunch that isn't full of junk. They can teach their kids to be independent. Where are these people?

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Mrs. Parr said...

*raises hand*
Here's hoping I end up one of the good ones. Trying to find the balance between protecting and allowing Nora to realize natural consequences.
(Yes, you can put your winter boots on, but when you get too hot and stumble around the house and fall down, you'll realize why they're not appropriate!)