Monday, January 17, 2011

T minus 8 days!

Today we're washing massive amounts of work clothes in anticipation of a new work week. It's nice having the extra day to get the stockpile done.

I have the rest of this week to try to get a new set of routines established, since between the new job, and OT from the old one, I won't get home overly early.

One thing I want to do over the next month is to hit the thrift stores, to see if I can round out the professional wardrobe. I want to look at bags too! I know... I'm a purse addict, but I promised myself that when I got the nice new full-time job that I'd get myself a nice work tote, like the ones at Target. Maybe the thrift stores have similar items for less?

Anyways, off to do more laundry!

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