Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to work again

It's January, which means it's time for the frivolity of the holiday season is over. It also means the office's move is over. We're in our new room. set in a corner, away from it all. I'm ok with this. People know where we are and we're checked on regularly.

Before the winter break, I interviewed with William and Mary for a position. Now, while I wait to hear about that one, I received a call about interviewing for another position. It gives me hope that I could have a full time position soon.

The healthy eating and exercise portion of my life was put on hold yesterday. I'm not feeling so hot, but I'm sure that last night's dinner of saltines wasn't healthy. (And don't giggle about morning sickness... there's no way that could have happened).

So life continues on, work, cleaning, applying for jobs.

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