Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When did I get so darn busy??

I looked at my calender for the rest of the month and was astonished at how busy I am in the next few weeks. I had a meeting yesterday, Wednesday is ballet, Thursday is ChorUUS, And I have meetings the next two weekends for a local Convention I'm helping with.

It's hard to be a supporting player after being the lead. In Con terms... after running a convention, it's really hard to step back and be one of the minions. This convention is rather expensive. Like prohibitively expensive, and I can't figure out why. I know that supplies have to be purchased, plus printing cost, staff shirts and paying the presenters.... but still... I'm DYING to find out if they secured a room block to get a sliding scale for the meeting rooms...

I know... that was the geekiest thing ever. I will try to stop!

In other news, I'm having HUGE guilt this week. My friend's funeral is next Friday... which happens to be the end of my first work week. I really can't ask for a half day off that early. Because of that I'm letting him, and my other friends down. There's so much guilt, hurt and anger about the whole situation (of soap opera proportions)... I can't even process it.

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