Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Horrible timing!!

We all know that part of the eating well is having a good breakfast. I'm doing that, with help of oatmeal.

Now I need to move on to lunch. I've been try to get a new lunch bag by eating Lean Cuisine, but it's not enough. If I had some money, I think I'd get yogurt or an apple or something.

Unfortunately, thanks to the Spousal Equivalent blowing a tire (again), money is incredibly tight this week. No yogurt for me. In fact, it's Ramen for a few days.

Actually, it might be Ramen for a few weeks. I just realized something. I start the 25th... and don't get paid until mid February. Thankfully I can work my current job after work to make some money on the side.

I have a new breakfast plan, the beginnings of a lunch plan, now I need to work on dinner, and trying to fit in exercise with the two jobs.

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