Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday, Lazy Sunday

Today was the only day of the week that I can sleep in, and I did. Until 8. I know, I know, 8 isn't exactly early. But when you get up at 5:30... 8 is sleeping in.

Last night the Spousal Equivalent and I went out to be social. We had a wonderful time. It's amazing how a nice dress and ridiculous boots can lift your spirit. I can't get myself moving this morning. I managed to wash dishes and fill out all of the tax forms for the new job. I must admit that I spent a great deal of time on the benefits site, looking at the cool discounts being a College employee gets.

I'm now watching Julie & Julia. Now that's a real blogger. I just write boring things about my life. For example, my plans today: I'm going to gather some laundry, wash it, toss out some of the things I removed from my Best Friend's house (I haven't needed it for over a year, do I really need it now?).

Wow, the exciting life I lead.

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Amanda said...

You should see all the crap I've got to take to the thrift store! And my closet! There are clothes in there now! Have fun doing laundry today!