Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All by myself....

Well, here at work. It's day two and because of appointments, tennis lessons and all, I'm here alone. But it's not like I can do any work. I need access to different places, programs and computers... which I'm not getting yet.

I sat through hours of talks about benefits and tax shelters and pre-aid medical things. It's all a lot to take in. Tonight's dilemma: which health plan, and if I should get the flexible medical thingy (it looks like a lot of hoops to jump through).

I've started cleaning out my new desk. The old occupant left so much junk behind! But I feel settled, and hopefully I'll fit in well here.

Actually, I received the best compliment today from the incoming department chair. She said they loved my enthuaisiam and my self-starter attitude. Wow... a lot to live up to.

Now, to self start in probably the one task I CAN do today.

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