Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oh gracious... I've become a Mayhem Commercial!

Yes... the longer winter's gone on, the heavier I've gotten.

I'd post the weight, but it embarrasses me.  Seriously!

So I went up and joined this:
More about it here.

So, instead of eating a cake because the weight depressed me, I'm doing something about it!

  1. Try to get 10,000 steps a day, but don't settle for anything less than 7500
  2. Vegetables.  Seriously, if I get more veggies in a meal, I won't want to snack as much!
  3. Exercise every morning, even on the weekends
  4. Water.  Drinks it!  lots of it!
I've been a slacker when it comes to moving on the weekends.  And this needs to stop!  I mean, I have 2 fitness games for the WiiU, HuluPlus which has PLENTY of workouts.  I also picked up a Groupon for 1 month of unlimited yoga classes at Zenya Yoga studio.  Hopefully soon I can go and start that.  (Though when I go to talk to someone there.. they seem to be closed...)

But seriously.... I'm going to work for the numbers decreasing, not increasing!


Ashley Allan said...

Those are great goals to focus on! I didn't even think about hulu for workouts! Genious!

Meari said...

There's a "Health and Wellness" genre. And Gaiam has TONS on there. Walking, The Firm, LOTS of yoga. Even a few Jillian Michaels routines!

Chelsea said...

I'm SO glad that you are linking up with us and your goals sound GREAT! Your goal of the water reminds me that I need to do the same!!!