Thursday, November 1, 2012

Maybe we should get a storage unit....

I have a migraine, and am nauseous as heck, but those words moved me off the couch. It's true, our place is a bit cluttered. Two people with households joined to make this place.

The Spousal Equivalent's stuff is neatly packed into many plastic bins that are stuffed into corners of the house. My clutter is clothes that I need to put away or give away.

After a few texts about shelving (that I was going to buy today anyways), and a storage unit, I got mad. I got mad at myself. I have a house, and it's my poor organization that caused this mess.

(And at this point, I blame the migraine and general icky feeling on my emotions)

It took a while, but I tossed the SE's bins in the empty part of my closet, bagged an unused comforter, boxed the free range Christmas decorations in the closet, actually purchased the shelves in my shopping cart, and fixed the broken desk chair (with duct tape). Now I feel even crappier, so the clothes will have to wait until the weekend.

After a $35 overdraft fee, I'm not spending money on a storage unit!!

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