Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Hallmark Channel helps fuel my addiction

As we all know... I love Christmas!  Seriously.. I even have my tree up already!  Isn't it nice!  It's new, it's not too big.  It fits all of the important ornaments (even the new ones that my late Grandmother put on her tree).  I have my new coffee maker, and thanks to the gift card that I got with purchase, I have k-cups to use with it.

But I have to confess something....

The Hallmark channel has been running cheesy Christmas movies.  And I've been watching.  And the ones I don't catch, I record!  My DVR is FULL of cheesy Christmas movies!

I have seen, or have recorded the following:

The Wishing Tree
Annie Claus is Coming to Town
Naughty or Nice (which records tonight)
A Christmas Wish
Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade
Christmas Song
Lucky Christmas
Farewell Mr. Kringle
Matchmaker Santa
It's Christmas, Carol
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
A Princess for Christmas
The Christmas Heart (Which is on the DVR Schedule)

Plus there's some coming up, including one starring Summer Glau that I'm going to record!

In other news... I have WAY too much ham!  Tonight fir dinner is ham-less pasta... before we go back to eating ham!!!

in other, other news... I've wanted this loveseat, and this chair,  It now comes in a bed!  Ir's WAY too expensive, but I love it!  Isn't it cute???

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