Thursday, November 22, 2012

GleeCap: Dynamic Duets

I just finished with this one, and I'm still trying to process all that spandex.  but here are my thoughts:

  • Ryan Murphy's issues de jour seem to be learning disabilities and eating disorders.  I have issues with both... but more on that later
  • Seriously, I want to slap Kitty.  Slap her silly for being a bigger bitch than Sue.  Honestly, are teenage girls THAT mean these days?
  • Thank you Sam for giving Blaine the verbal slap to the face that he needs.  He's been beating himself up about this for way too long.  (And in that department, so has Kurt)
  • Marley... I can see what Ryan Murphy is doing.  Setting up an eating disorder storyline.  He's going about it oddly, having Kitty manipulate her into it.. but Marley's insecurities and body image issue do lend itself to something like that.  I hope an intervention (and a slap to Kitty's twinkling smile) happen soon.
  • Ryder's learning disability... Well, the thought is nice.  I know that they try to involve actual parents rarely, like the Peanuts, but for all of that testing to happen... parents needed to sign off on it.
Next week is sectionals.. and the week after is a episode titled "Swan Song"... which is worrisome.

I'm interested in seeing where this is all going....

That, and they are doing Gangnam Style at Sectionals!

(I just downloaded it for Just Dance 4!  Much love!!)

Now, I'm off to munch some leftovers!

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