Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Not a bad day!

Today starts my 5 day weekend.  I celebrated by sleeping in before running to WalMart for provisions.  (Mike's hard Margarita, and supplies for 2 Ingredient Cake, among other things...)

I made a to do list of everything I needed to accomplish for the long weekend and have already check off a few things (laundry, dishes, sorting the Tupperware).  But I have been lax in working out.

I must tell you... The working out has really made a difference.  See here:

The beginning of November I was all good!  The lowest I've been in ages!  Then I got a monster migraine, and we got discount candy... and I was back up in the 176's.

But between working my butt off in class, and Just Dance 4 (and getting rid of said candy), The weight has come down!  See?

Now, Let me tell you... I have undying love for the Just dance games.  But 4?  AMAZING!  (And seriously, no one is paying me to say this!)

The game has the best Sweat mode of any of them.  You pick the length of the workout (10, 25 or 45 minutes), which of the 5 workouts that you want and you're off.  It plays a short workout, then a song, then another.. and so on.  I love it!

But the songs are new (They even Rick Rolled us), they have extreme version (rather difficult) for the advanced dancers, and a battle round!  LOVE IT!

Apparently, JD4 has just released Gangnam Style...

I'm off to try it out!

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