Thursday, November 8, 2012

The sun keeps on rising and setting, even if Barack Obama did win the election

And I'm glad of it.

It's been a fairly strange week at my place.  Tuesday saw me returning to dance class after a week and a half of not dancing.  Needless to say I was sore.  The car was appraised ($2200 to repair, YAY insurance), a rental was set up, and I watched the election results.

I found it very interesting that my area made national news for the ridiculously long lines.  I was in a long time myself.  I heard there were errors with the electronic voting (I miss the old fashioned, steampunk-ish lever voting machines).

I was expecting to be watching until the wee hours of the morning when they called it.  It was 10:30ish, and in the beginning of Tim Kaine's acceptance speech.  And like that it was all over.

Not only did President Obama win, but 4 states had ballot measures for marriage equality.  Maine, Washington and Maryland passed marriage equality and Minnesota defeated a measure to define marraige and between a man and a woman (and this is the home of Michele Bachmann too!).  Two states even votes to legalize pot.  And Puerto Rico voted to become a state.

The sun rose the next morning in spite of all of this, and I stayed home from work on Wednesday to receive a new washer and dryer.

Now it's Thursday.  Choir tonight and class this afternoon.

I just wish I could muster up some enthusiasm....

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