Friday, November 16, 2012

GleeCap: Glease is the Word!

I have thoughts.....  many thoughts...

  • What's with under-using Tina?  Seriously... use her more!!
  • Kitty is a STUPENDOUS bitch.  
  • Finn- Way to over-react with Rachael.  Though, for those two, it might be necessary
  • Kurt, the eternal drama queen-  I hope he gets over the hurt a little to talk it over with Blaine.  
  • Cassandra July-  Wow... she's a bitch.  But That seems to be her defense mechanism.  Also, Rachael needs to stop speaking to her.  Totally.
  • Wade/Unique-  The way his parents are behaving is actually quite believable   They don't want to see their child hurt.  Unfortunately, this, in the end. will hurt their child more.  But I can see they mean well.
And now onto the elephant in the room.

Bulimia is never funny.  Never.  Ever.  Making yourself vomit as a form is weight control isn't funny.  I know the context of it was about Kitty trying to ruin Marley's life (and bulimia will go some damage to her, surely), and we know that everything Kitty was doing to Marley was damaging.... but I'm afraid that some desperate children will miss Ryder insisting that it's awful and unattractive, or miss the fact that Kitty  (while appearing to be trying to help) was being the most unhelpful person ever!

I wonder if this will come up again, Marley being concerned for her weight...

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