Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A small setback

That's the setback.


I blame my lack of willpower, and the discount Halloween candy we had in the house.

Will I pout?  (Well, I did, for a bit...)  No.  That means watching what I eat, not buying snacks and making sure to get my work out in (yes, even on the weekends).

Though, looking at the calendar... I'm past due for a monthly visit... and that might be the cause of the weight gain.  And no, I'm not pregnant.  I got that possibility taken care of!

In the realm of amusing... This morning, while completing the first walkie circuit with Misty, I noticed that the Spousal Equivalent was back.  We poke our heads into his car.  He asks if we're done with walkies, and I say no.  As soon as the words left my mouth, Misty runs to drag me back inside.  I guess she was cold!

Ok, back to work!

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