Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm not Captain Planet... but...

I think this says it all:

Everyone knows it.  We caused this mess.

Now, am I going to chain myself to a tree and march in a protest?  Hell no.  But it has made me more mindful about the future.  (The hurricane, and watching Revolution....)

I'm getting to the age where someday I'll actually try to buy a house again.

Now I know to make sure that I'm not in a tidal surge area.  I'm also thinking that having a wood burning stove (you know... for heat and to cook on), might not be a bad move.

Currently, I do what I can.  I reuse much of the junk paper that gets sent my way.  I recycle at work.  (There's no recycling for apartments in Virginia).

And feel free to bring this post up (me not hugging trees), if I turn into the Lorax later.

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