Friday, December 9, 2011

The same thing happens every couple of months.

We get a notice on the door that we owe money to the Apartment Complex.  Nine times out of ten it's an error on their part.  That tenth time was money that got lost, and we scrambled to make it up.

On December 2nd, I went into the Apartment office, sat down and asked the man that worked there to total up everything we owed, and I'd write him a check.  He got out my lease so he could write down how much my rent was.  He checked with the water/trash/sewer people's invoice to see how much we were charged.  He looked to see if we were renting a washer/dryer.  His total matched mine, which was what I expected.

So cue my frustration to the note on my door yesterday.  We seemed to owe $65.  I kicked things for a few minutes before marching over there.  I calmly explained that on the 2nd I sat down with someone on the staff and he looked everything up before giving me a total.  How could I owe more?

As I thought, it was a computer error.  Again.  We get a $40 discount on our rent.  It was a holdover from when we originally signed the lease.  The computer forgot that, then added on late fees.

We've had this issue ever since moving in.  It's so incredibly frustrating!

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