Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm on a Tolkein kick today!!

So, after watching The Hobbit trailer a few times, and buying The Hobbit NookBook, I was inspired to do some research.  I have a year to create a good Lembas recipe.

I've found DOZENS of them online.

Now, according to example five:
"What Tolkien says about Lembas
  • They contain  honey
  • they are light-colored on the inside and light brown crust
  • they are thin and regular-shaped. This implies they were made on some kind of griddle iron. The closest modern equivalent is a Krumkake iron. I used a pizzelle iron

Some other things we can guess.
  • They contain the fruit and maybe the flower-water of the Mallorn tree. I substituted oranges, although kumquats or a hand of Buddha fruit might be better.
  • They probably had some kind of finely ground light-colored nut in them. I used almonds.
  • They contained some kind of nourishing flour. I used semolina flour, which is a more primitive flour, and also more nourishing.
  • Galadriel probably used some kind of grinder to refine the ingredients. I used a blender."
Part of me wants to combine the sensabilities of the above recipes.. with the granola goodness of this recipe.  Hey, when I think nourishing, I think granola!   Or oatmeal!

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