Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I need it to be next December now!!!

The Hobbit trailer was released yesterday.  Now, I adored the other three Lord of the Rings movies.  Like, saw them multiple times in the theater, adored.  I really hadn't read the LotR books before the movie.  I couldn't keep any of the characters separate in my brain.  Let's face it, LotR isn't an easy read.  After I saw Fellowship of the Ring I did sit down and read all three books.  They were slow and dense, but good.

Now, long before Peter Jackson made those first movies, my 11th grade English teacher placed a copy of The Hobbit on my desk.  (My friend and I were in an English class with idiots so the teacher tried to challenge us).  I read that book.  I even saw the cartoon.  Multiple times!

So, I saw the trailer!  Now, I'm going to re-read The Hobbit (I last read it in the 11th grade, you know), but here's my first impressions:

  • It looks like all the players are back from the first movies.  I wouldn't want it any other way!  Can you imagine anyone else playing Gandalf but Ian McKellen?
  • The visuals are identical to the earlier movies.  I bet the sets were like in storage.
  • I don't remember Galadriel..... but I'm willing to go with it.
  • I tell you this now: I'll probably forever mix up those damn dwarves!  There's 12 of them.  All with short, similar names!!  Though thankfully they all look different.  (which may help me in the end.)

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