Thursday, December 8, 2011

You say it's your birthday!!!

Well, today is my birthday!!

So far it's been a great day.  The department got me a $50 Barnes and Noble card to go with the 1st Generation nook that the Spousal Equivalent and the BFF got me!  (I love them!!!!!)

Work has been slow, which gave me plenty of time to get books on the new Nook.

And soon I'll head home, and see if I can buy eggs to make myself a cake.

It's my birthday.  I'm giving myself permission not to feel bad if I don't lose this week's pound.

In other news: I know, I'm trying to lose weight.  I know that losing a pound a week doesn't seem like much, especially since the Biggest Loser folks are going down 20 a week.  But for me, it's enough.  If I'm acting like I'm on a diet, I'll start looking for ice cream.  Instead I'm going to eat sensibly, exercise and strive to drop one pound a week.

Yeah, it'll take me a year to hit my goal.  It'll be next year's birthday present.

That, and new pants.

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