Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31st again

This time last year we had cleaned up from Christmas celebrations with our friends.  Unfortunately we lost one friend to Leukemia.  The other friends that was with us last year is going to be stationed in Japan for a while.

We've gotten asked quite a few times what are plans are tonight.  The answer quite simply was that we have no plans.  No one invited us out.

And that's ok.

We have a new Blu Ray player (thanks to the Spousal Equivalent's mom),  and a new HD TV (Thanks to SE's dad and grandmother and my dad and his lady).  We have the rent for January paid.  We have groceries.

So life is pretty good.

I think we'll spend the next two days getting the living room looking like someone neat lives here, watch the ball drop, and toast with the sparkling blueberry juice that I received as a gift.

Maybe next week we can go and be among people again.

Today ends 2011, which was LOADS better than 2010 (and quite a deal better than 2009).  Tomorrow starts 2012, with new resolutions and goals.

Happy New Year everyone.

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Mrs. Parr said...

Oooh, oooh, WE invited you out, and we didn't even know that no one else had done so! Parrs for the win! It's ok, though; we're spending a quiet (hopefully) night at home tonight, as well!