Sunday, December 11, 2011

Comfort Movies

We all have them, admit it.  Those movies that you can watch whenever they come on cable and never get tired of.  Children have them.  Most parents I've talked to tell stories of Disney movies they can't stand anymore because their child practically wore out the DVD watching it so much.

Why do I have comfort movies?  Sometimes with the social anxiety watching a movie that I haven't seen gives me a panic attack.  Why?  Because I can see the character getting into trouble, or about to get into an awkward (but ultimately hilarious) situation.

I decided that I need to break down and buy some of my favorite movies: Julie & Julia, Under the Tuscan Sun, The American President, and Eat Prey Love.

I watch them when I catch them on cable, or when they are playing on Netflix Instant Play!

I know, I'm weird.  But I have Julie & Julia on the TV, brownies in the oven (I need to find the Hungry Girl brownie cheats) and Laundry drying.  Life is good.

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