Monday, May 12, 2014

Anyone want some cookies?

I went out to run this morning. I haven't been out to run in over a week.


The new morning routine. I'd have to be up at 4am if I wanted to run. This may be an option in two weeks, closer to my race Memorial Day weekend.

I need a new plan! My new plans is thus:

1.) take Misty on a run when I get home from work. Move the run to the morning when the Spousal Equivalent works normal hours.

2.) if it's nice out and way hot: run what I can, and walk the rest

3.) during crappy weather, a 20 minute or longer workout video.

I also desperately need some willpower. Have you seen the cookies in my freezer??

6 bags total.  Anyone want to have a tea party, to eat all these cookies?

In other news: I'm scared to see my weigh in tomorrow.

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