Friday, May 2, 2014

Motivation, where is it?

This time of year is stressful. We have to prep for commencement. Finals is happening, which means finding testing rooms and directing students where to hand in papers (using many, many, many signs). All departmental spending has to stop in the beginning of May, which mans that I've been doing a lot of financial paperwork.

Thanks to this, the TMJ has been flaring, I've had headaches almost every day, I'm exhausted and have no motivation to do anything.

Also I want to eat everything in sight!

And exercising? Nope.

Today I went home early from work with a pounding migraine. After many, many, many episodes of Veronica Mars I'm feeling better. Tomorrow I have plans to do work workout video!

Unfortunately, my FitBit is missing. I've looked everywhere! And it's sad.

This weekend I hope that I can de-stress a bit and rest.  As well as exercise.  Maybe we'll hit Busch Gardens for a few hours on Sunday....

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