Saturday, May 17, 2014

Aahhh, Saturday

This week has been truly crazy.

We had Monday off, a comp day due to commencement.  I worked on Tuesday and Wednesday.  And on Wednesday night my dad and his partner came into town.  Thursday and Friday we hit all the tourist sites and I walked a million miles.

And today is Saturday.  It doesn't
feel like a Saturday though.

This weekend feels odd.  I have a metric load of housework to do.  I have a race I should be training for.

But I don't want to do any of that.

I'm torn between wanting to hang out with people and waiting to stay home alone and marathoning a show.  Going out isn't an option.  the Spousal Equivalent took the car for the afternoon.  (There was a moment of panic when he left, and I was outside with the dog- sans phone and house keys.  Thankfully the door was unlocked, so he got to live)

I need to exercise, but after my shoulder injury, that holds NO appeal.  (WebMD says I injured my rotator cuff... and the cure?  Resting it!)

I think the word of the day is compromise.  I'm going to stay in, just me and the puppy.  I might marathon the new YouTuber that I just subscribed to, and do some housework in between videos.

As for exercise,  I think I'll take it easy today and rest my shoulder.  I'll run first thing tomorrow.

As for hanging out with people.... I am lonely... but also housebound.

So I'll clean as if I'm having company!

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