Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Win some, lose some

Awful weigh in today.  I was bad for like a week and gained 2 pounds.

I actually expected it.  My dad visited, and we had good food and fancy dinners.  With wine.

What did I do in retaliation?  I signed up for a few races...

Living Social had an amazing deal for the Bay Days 8K.  Half price!  It looked like a good race on a beautiful course... and it was half price!  So why not?

I informed the Office Manager of this, she signed up.  Then she mentioned a glow run in a few weeks.  I signed up for that one.

Of course I told everyone in my Weight Watchers group about the Living Social deal.  They in turn told me about the Wounded Warrior 8K.  

I'd sign up for it, because I'm a glutton for punishment... but I ran out of money.

But I think I've slacked off enough.  Time to get back to work... I have a race on Saturday and I haven't gone running in a week!

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