Friday, May 30, 2014

The Fault in our Friday

It's been quite a week.  

I must admit that I've been down all week.  A quick look at the calendar showed me that "shark week" is fast approaching.

So I know that the whole me being down is largely hormonal.  It helps to know that this to shall pass, but that doesn't make this feeling suck any less.

Of course, I added insult to injury, I listened to the audio book of The Fault in Our Stars.  We have tickets to The Night Before Our Stars.  I've already read the book, but I wanted to read it again before we saw the movie.  (Why an audio book?  So I can "read" a book during my commute and when I run.  It's as simple as that.)  While the story is a wonderful story, it's a tad depressing.  Not a great choice for the week before "shark week."

Listening to the book was a wonderful experience.  I had gotten my hands on an earlier version, narrated by a woman, so it wasn't John Green actually saying his own words.  But I could hear his cadence, and almost familiar sentences in the lines of prose.  I apparently watch too many of his videos.

In other news, I've been linked to a few other Lizze Bennet Diaries type YouTube Channels... so I'm off to explore them!  I'll report back is anything is good!

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