Monday, January 23, 2017

Women's March on Washington (I found it on Facebook No.1)

Saturday hundreds of thousands of women used their first amendment rights to peacefully march on Washington.

Why did they march?

For more reasons than just protesting the new occupant of the White House.

I found this on Facebook that sums up why some were marching:
People were marching because women get paid less than men.  They marched because women should feel safe on college campuses.  They marched because of the poor treatment of Women of Color, Native American Women and Transwomen.

They marched because of crap like this:

Now there have been real issues involved with the march.  There wasn't enough transwomen represented.  (many of the signs had a vagina-centric tone... and not all women possess a vag)  I saw (but for the life of me can't find) evidence that white, able bodied women wouldn't let a disabled marcher get to a place FOR disabled people.

Then there was this.  (Go ahead and read for a bit....)  This person had white privilege thrown at her and her group.  Though it was rather nice to see woman after woman expressing their dismay at what happened, and asking to be educated.  (count me in on a helping of the education!)

It wasn't perfect.  I watched the rally's livesteam from the comfort of my couch.  (I have social anxiety and the march was too people-y, but it was nice to watch!)  Some of the speaker went on for so long that other were reduced to 30 second sound bites.  I did enjoy seeing the ASL interpreters.  (I heard the inauguration had none)

What I didn't like seeing was the backlash.  Piers Morgan had some sort of meltdown on Twitter.  Christy didn't get it.  Some women claimed that we had rights, so we needed to stop marching.  Then the pro-lifers came out:

I don't think these women get it.  They felt left out because they wanted to same "pre-born" women and these others wanted to "kill babies."  (Get ready, there's already legislation)

These women don't get it.  What they want is the way that the Republican Government is moving.  Heaven forbid, but they might get their wish.

It was so inspiring to see so many million of people marching.

Now, let's work so they don't HAVE to anymore.

(Also, this is the first post in a series I'm doing... based on Memes from Facebook!)

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