Thursday, January 5, 2017

Snowmageddon 2017

Apparently we're going to get some weather this weekend.

Where do I live?  In the purple 7-10 inch band.


Y'all, I'm originally from Syracuse, NY.  Syracuse is no stranger to snow.

Down here?  Not so much.

The stores around here are already zoos, as the milk and bread as selling out quickly.

We knew this was coming.  I've known for a week now.

I decided to be smart about it.  I made a shopping list though Walmart Grocery. I'm picking it up on my way home.

Then I'm not leaving the house until Monday!

And that's if we even have work on Monday.

(Yes, I'm 42 and still wanting a snow day!)

Why am I not leaving the house?

Because people around here can't drive in snow!

And honestly, 3 inches of snow around here causes accidents.

If we get a foot?  It'll shut the whole area down!

That's why I'm planning ahead!

But honestly, who knows how much snow we'll get.  Mother Nature could laugh in the face of my perpetration and not give me any snow.

or we could be snowed in for a week!

But it's going to be cold for a while.... so I'll leave you with what I go through every morning.  All. Winter. Long.

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Unknown said...

We aren't leaving either- that is FOR SURE! There are scary drivers in VA Beach every day anyways ;) And I think snow days are for everyone - no matter their age! Have a great weekend and don't forget the marshmallows on the hot cocoa!