Friday, January 27, 2017

Why I love Hallmark Channel movies

As we all know... this is been a trying week.

I was just remarking that I need my puppy, wine and Hallmark Channel Movies.

I know, the Hallmark Channel is not a place where one expect to find academy award winning movies of a deep a thoughtful nature.

Instead you find movies that have a rather simple plot.  Many of the plots involve finding love. (Actually, many of the plots are the same) And everyone lives happily ever after.

And there's some for every season!
the images are from the (also, I missed out on the wedding movies...)
I'm not really kidding!  January is the winter movies, February are the Valentine's day ones.  March, April and May are Spring.  June is the month of weddings.  July and August are summer movies.  September and October are fall movies.  The famous Christmas movies start right around Halloween every year.

I know they these movies are INCREDIBLY white and hetro-normative.  They are a sea of white, heterosexual people in the most non-diverse way.  Hallmark could do better, and they should.

But what these movies do, is they help me to escape.  When life is awful, these movies have an easy plot and everything turns out OK.

And, of course, I've also been taking to buying the movies that I always seem to stop and watch.  (Like favorite one, and favorite two)  I even have a wishlist...

It's a scary place out there.  And I can't be that warrior of social justice like others can.  Thank goodness I have movies to escape to!!

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