Wednesday, January 11, 2017

An Unexpected Long Weekend

From my last post, y'all would have gathered that we were expecting some weather.

Well, we got it!  A foot of snow dumped on us between Friday night and Saturday afternoon.  In this area 3 inches of snow will shut everything down, so this was a bit extreme.  They also don't plow anything but the main roads, which left our complex a mess.  The sun melted and driven-upon snow solidified into 3 inches of ice by Sunday afternoon. (Sorry, I have zero pictures...)

Who loved it?  My dog.  She bounded around the soft drifts like a rabbit.  Sadly, our last walkie had to be before sunset every day since it was dangerous for mommy to walk.

Sunday, the majority of the churches cancelled services and Monday almost everything was shut down.

Work and schools were cancelled on Tuesday as well.  Most public schools are STILL cancelled.

After spending the weekend and the beginning of the week with below freezing temperatures,
Yesterday saw the temperatures rise above freezing.  Today and for the rest of the week the temps are expected to keep on rising.  I predict that by tomorrow all traces of the snow will be gone.  It's rather sad.  I miss having snow in the winter.

So what did I do while I was stuck at home?

I watched all but the last 2 episodes of Downton Abbey.  I cleaned.  We must have taken the trash out multiple times a day all weekend!

But now I'm back at work, trying to figure out where I left things off on Friday.  My unexpected stay-cation is over.

And only 3 work days between me and the long weekend.

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