Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wow... What a weekend... (Found on Facebook #3)

The embarrassing news:

When falling in a parking lot, please don't break your fall with your face.  

Why am I imparting this advice?  Because I wiped out in a parking lot on Sunday and smacked my face on a concrete bumper.  Thankfully my teeth and glasses are unscathed.  My lip is all sorts of banged up.

Thankfully, other than having issues drinking, I'm doing much better.

The truly scary news:
The Immigration ban.

Oh, that was the news all weekend long.
Me, when seeing the news on Facebook
Donald Trump signed an Executive Order banning immigration from some heavily Muslim countries.

I get that... but when the details got out it got really weird...

He was banning people with valid vetted visas, people with green cards, and reportedly people that are dual citizens of those countries.
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The country sat back and wondered why the hell people from places that had ACTUALLY attacked us were ok, but these others weren't.  (not to mention that most of the terror attacks in this country were the result of radicalized white supremacist men...)  Also, we were all baffled by the green card and valid visa issue.

The Trump camp cried "But Obama did it...."  actually.. no...
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With astonishing speed the word got out.  People were being denied boarding or held when they got off the plane.  Legal residents on this country.  With lightening speed lawyers started showing up at airports.  They were willing to work for free.
The ACLU managed to get an emergency stay, which the Department of Homeland Security ignored.  (Yes, the executive branch said it wasn't going to listen to the judicial branch...)

My position on everything?

Well, if Trump had declared that he wasn't going to issue visas for a few months... I would have been more OK with it.  This blanket ban was rather scary....

Also, the complete disregard for the Judicial branch is worrisome.

I know people are saying that we need to help Veterans more than refugees...
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(BTW: Starbucks is pushing to hire veterans, military wives AND refugees... I'll have a latte please!)

There's other things that Trump is considering that are downright scary...
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And the things that leave me like this:
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3.) this comparison
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4.) This other comparison:
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because remember:
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