Monday, April 15, 2013

I guess I'm just Pollyanna... but being Pollyanna is getting harder.

You know Pollyanna.  She's optimistic.  She sees the best in people.

And honestly, I was like that.

I try to see the best in people.

But lately the optimism isn't there.

I see it in the news every day.  Occupy Wall Street (and the crap that brought it about), the Westboro Baptist Church, Newtown, And now Boston.

People ruled by the need to hate and destroy.

Gun control and gun laws are in the news.  I don't see the need for guns.  But then again, I am Pollyanna, the Chief Executive of Fantasy land.

These days news of man made destruction makes my heart hurt.

I'm going to go home, make dinner... and wait for Defiance.  Where the destruction is alien made.. and people are trying to work together...

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