Monday, April 15, 2013

Where did my weekend go?

I know where my weekend went:

I actually finished season 1.

And I liked it!  I'm going to borrow season 2 next weekend!

On Saturday we ended up at Cinema Cafe for lunch and a movie.  It was.... ok.

I don't think it's a movie that I want in my collection.

Sunday was laundry.

Holy crap, laundry.

I did 4 loads... and only managed to dry 3.  Our dryer takes triple the time to dry as a load takes to wash.

I also made chicken.   Seriously  make this recipe now.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200.

In the middle of laundry, I remembered that we were invited to a cook out.

Thant meant that there was NO way the laundry was going to finished that night.

We went, we had fun, and we ended up driving someone home.  I had the SE drop me off first.  While he was running her home I:  changed loads in the dryer, walked the dog, fed the pets, unloaded the re-loaded the dishwasher and put away the crock put and the leftovers.

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