Friday, April 26, 2013

Of course, Jon Stewart tells it like it is

It bothers me how many people really don't know the constitution.  Or will interpretate it for their own gains.

Now, I'm not going anywhere NEAR the 2nd amendment.

But the 1st amendment.  It's so simple. (Notice I'm just going to talk about the Religion aspect of this... for now)

  • The government will not subscribe to one religion over another.  That means that you are free to be whatever religion you want.  Even Muslim.  (Muslim =/= terrorist)
  • England, and many of the colonies, required people to belong to the Church of England.  That's why the 1st amendment is there!
  • Saying this nation was founded on Christian values is crap.  Many of the colonies were founded so people that weren't Anglican could practice their religion.  Other colonies were founded purely for money.
Between this, and the head-deskingly bad phone calls I've had.... 

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