Monday, April 22, 2013

I'm seriously beginning to hate Mondays.

This weekend was... odd..  to say the least.

Friday was spent watching TV.  The manhunt was happening, and I wanted to see the outcome.  It's weird, watching these things in real time.  But it's been our live since 9/11.

Eventually, I decided that my time would be better served watching Bunheads.

Saturday was spent cleaning.  Dishes were washed.  Clean laundry was put away. The sheets were changed.  A great headway was made!

That night, we went to the Roller Derby.  It was the Dominion Derby Girls All Star team vs. the Mason-Dixon Vixens.  DDG CRUSHED the Vixens.  368 to 70.

And man, it was fun!!

Sunday was church, and singing.  Which I was in no shape to do.  Shopping happened.  Watching Whip It happened.  The Blu Ray player proved that it's busted and we need to buy a new one.  (The money for that has already been set aside).

And now it's Monday.  And I haven't had near;y enough coffee.  And all I want is cupcakes.

*sigh*  Happy Monday everyone.

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