Saturday, July 23, 2016

I LOVE Comic Con!!! (Edited with more trailers)

It's San Diego Comic Con this weekend.

Why do I love it??

Because we get trailers!!  (I love me some good trailers!!))

The Wonder Woman trailer!!!  I've been waiting for this for basically ever!!  Heck, Wonder Woman was the sole reason I went to the Superman vs Batman movie!!

So far, so good!!

Edited to add:
I LOVE the fact that they are using WWI and not WWII as a backdrop to this movie for 2 reasons:

  1. WWII tends to get a LOT more film attention than WWI
  2. WWI was pointlessly brutal on such a scale that it was staggering.  I'm not talking actual loss of life, but the loss of life vs. military outcome.  It was awful.  And if Diana wants to see humanity at its worst, WWI was a good choice.
  3. Also, during WWI women has little in the way of rights!!  

I had NO idea that we'd get a Justice League trailer!!

I wonder if it ins't so much a trailer, as it the best they could put together with the footage and available CGI that they had.  (Maybe why there is so little Cyborg and so much Aquaman?)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!!

This movie totally hit my world building love that I have!!  And it gives us the most information that we've had so far!!

(And he's totally a Pokemon trainer!!)

We even got some Suicide Squad!!

Sadly there was no Rogue One panel, so no new trailer.

These trailers are the biggest way that people like me, that are sweating at home, can enjoy all the geeky fun!!

Edited to add more trailers!!

The CW paraded theirs out:

Sadly, no Supergirl.

But Marvel did give us Dr. Strange:

And Captain Marvel!!

And a ride???

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