Sunday, July 24, 2016

We're having a heatwave...

It's hot around here.
 We're having a heatwave....

A tropical heatwave.

No seriously!  Look at these temperatures!!

You know what we don't have??

Air Conditioning!!

That's right.. ours is busted.  The outside unit isn't spinning, or turning... I can hear it trying to work, but no go.  And look at those temperatures!!  It's edging on 85 in here!

It's not pleasant.  But I really worry about the puppy.  She's been all pant-y since yesterday.  She has a non-consensual cold bath this morning.  She wasn't a fan, since water is the enemy and all...

Yes... first a massage that wasn't.  Now a broken AC unit.  Let's hope that bad luck doesn't come in 3's and the guy won't be here for a month.

Think cool thoughts for me y'all!

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Ambrose said...

Poor Meari! I do hope your AC is up and running again. AC is so important here that I got an AC maintenance agreement. Not sure if something similar is available in your area, but mine includes a few visits per year where the technician checks the refrigerant, wiring and other parts of the unit for safety.