Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Baby Boom!

It seems that most of my friends have been divided into two camps: the mothers of young ones, and the childless (or, have children that are of High School age).

It hit me yesterday that I am starting to miss the old times.  The times before bedtimes, bath times and family time.  Unfortunately, we can't turn back the clock.  I have to accept that things change.

Now, I'm not anti-child.  If you have children because that's what you want and desire.  Wonderful!  Mazel Tov!  If you are pregnant and that's not where you want to be.. let me know how I can help resolve that situation.  I'm not judging.

I appreciate the invites to the large family gatherings, the birthday parties, the baby showers.  But please don't be offended if I leave early, or politely decline.  Large groups of small children send me into panic attacks.  (Actually, I'm amazed that I'm as composed as I am around my BFF's toddler, considering I had a panic attack before her baby shower).  I really appreciate it when I'm asked if I mind the child be brought along for shopping trips.  I love that it's not assumed.

I'm feeling nostalgic and sad today.  I'll get better.  Maybe I'll see if the girls want to go out for drinks.  So I can get over myself and my over-active imagination.

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