Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Recap: Switched at Birth: "Game On."

I caught this one last night.  I couldn't sleep.  And honestly the episode didn't help either.

  • It's the big game.  Daphne and the Deaf school are playing Buckner and Simone the bitch for the championship.  I can totally understand how Daphne is a role model, but man, she's 16.  That's a lot of pressure.
  • Poor Bay was put in the middle a few times.  She loves Emmett, and seeing him in that place worries her so.  But Melody asking for her to testify?  Crossing the line.  then she saw the mountain of pot.  Seriously, how was this a surprise?  There was a bong in the living room!  But I think she did the right thing by going to Emmett's dad.  And Emmett's dad getting over himself and doing the right thing?  Bravo.  Now if we can only convince Emmett that it's the right thing.
  • Speaking of Emmett, and his HUGE mistake with Simone, the manipulative bitch.  Wow... Bay is going to explode when she finds out.
But all in all, I was pleased!

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