Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Really? a 30 day waiting period?

I had a consultation with a new doctor about getting my tubes tied.  Yes people, I have decided that I shall have no genetic offspring.  I decided on the surgery option, instead of the Essure option.  (It's not recommended for women that haven't had kids)

I had to sign paperwork, that acknowledges that I will be sterile, and it's not reversible.  The doctor laughed at my "are you serious?" face.  Apparently the state wants me to be REALLY sure that I want this one.  Hell yes I'm really sure!  I've been wanting this for a few years.

So now we're looking at an after commencement scenario.  (I work at a college, you know.  I'll be REALLY busy until commencement)  I'll also be looking for someone to bring me home from the hospital.  My mom's offered to come down for the weekend.

I'm nervous about this, not about the becoming sterile, but about the surgery part.  But I'm ready.

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