Thursday, March 8, 2012

Making Choices

As an elementary school teacher, I asked children all the time if they "made a good choice, or a bad choice" when doing something they shouldn't.  Well, we all make choices every day.  Today, I chose to take my lunch to work.

Lately I'm absolutely ravenous by the time noon rolls around.  This means that next week I have to be proactive in my lunch choices.  I know this.  I'll make sure to have a vegetable side or some fruit to bring for lunch.

I even made a wonderful choice forgoing chocolate and chips for apple slices and yogurt.

Every choice adds up.  Even the choice to lose weight.

I had some well-meaning friends tell me that I was perfect just they was I am.  And while most people and Bruno Mars agree, I tend to disagree.  I'm simply not healthy.

  • I have high blood pressure (heavily influenced by family history)
  • I have high cholesterol (as does my mom)
  • Most of my dad's side of the family are diabetic.
Those are three wonderful reasons to drop twenty pounds.  Actually, fourth is my goal.

I also have this KILLER size 8 skirt I want to fit in again...

I'm choosing to get healthy.  

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