Friday, September 11, 2015

My physical, emotional and spiritual self-help plan.

Labor day has come and gone.  That means that I have a month until my next race.  What does that mean?  I have to get back to work.

My Physical Well being plan:

My fitness plan for the next month is based around the 21 Day Fix program.

I'm using their Upper and lower body fix.  I also plan on using the Pilates, alternating with Hip Hop abs and doing some sort of yoga.  I especially need to remember the yoga.  I've been lax on it and I can feel it.

Instead of the program's cardio days, I'm going to run.   I'm really enjoying the program.  It makes me feel powerful and successful.  I'll never run a whole mile without walking.  but this program plays to my strengths.

I'm also using their eating program.  I REALLY like the eating portion of the 21 Day Fix program.  It forces me to eat a more well balanced diet.  I also have Shakeology back in my kitchen.  (I know it's vegan..... but trust me, they just taste better!!)  It may be expensive, but I love having a smoothie for breakfast on the weekends.  (Maybe after Disney I'll be able to afford it more often.)  It fills me up and if I have a washed takeout cup in the house I can take my smoothie with me when we run weekend errands.

Here's a recipe I wish I had the Shakeology for!  I'll have to print it out so I have it on hand for next year.

My Mental Well Being plan:

First:  I have new books.  More importantly, I have books I'm excited to read.  (Or in this case, listen to)   I'm currently listening to this book.  I LOVED her last series.  This book is more suspenseful than the last.

I also have Carrie Hope Fletcher's book and The Bloggess's book is pre-ordered.

The Dark is Rising books are also on my phone.  I love those books!

Second: It's Pass member appreciation day at Busch Gardens tomorrow.  Depending on the weather, we might hit the park on Sunday as well.  I want to ride of rides, even if the roller coasters are too scary.

Third:  I cleaned the downstairs last week.  A clean house is good for my well being.  I need to keep it that way.  This week's plan, vacuum both upstairs and down and keep the downstairs picked up.

Fourth:  I'm trying to keep myself from getting over-extended.  This is happening with varying success.

My Spiritual Well being Plan:

I've decided to start collecting quotes, pictures, and passages that mean something to me.  Make sort of a personal bible of sorts.

More on this later... I'm still working on it.

But today's Friday.  Happy Weekend everyone!!

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