Friday, September 4, 2015

I somehow turned into a teenager for a minute...

It is no secret that I subscribe to WAY too many YouTube channels.

I subscribe to channels from expat vloggers.

I subscribe to channels from Disney fans.

I subscribe to channels from Irish Vloggers.

It's way too many!

One of my favorites is Carrie Hope Fletcher's channel.    I love her optimism, and her love of music, musical theater, books and all things Disney.

I recently purchaced her book....

and a shirt....

I'm 40!  and I could legitimately be her mother!


So the truly sad thing happened the other day when she posted this to Instagram:

Yeah....  guess who else is going to Florida next February?  Me.

I seriously had like 10 minutes there where I was all maybe I'll meet her in the park!!
From her Instagram

Then I gave myself a mental slap.

1.) I'm 40!  40!!!
2.) There are 29 days in February!
3.) Disney is HUGE!

*sigh*  And there you have it.  Sometimes I'm 13.  In all its teenagery glory!  *facepalm*

I'll be over here paying bills and adulting all over the place.

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