Saturday, September 5, 2015

Damn! I'm productive today!

This morning, I was up by 7.  The kitchen disguested me so before I ate breakfast I:

  • rearranged some things on the counters
  • emptied the dishwasher
  • refilled the dishwasher
  • cleaned the sinks, counters and stove
Then I had breakfast.  And because I decided that the house needed to be decluttered (mainly because it was gross, also because kittens get into EVERYTHING) I:
  • swept and mopped the kitchen and dining room
  • gathered up a HUGE bag of random trash
  • washed a load of delicates, including every bra that I own.
  • changed the sheets on the bed
  • hand washed the rest of the dishes
  • tidied up my sewing and the living room
  • put away the PILES of clean laundry that I've been avoiding forever.
  • planned my workouts for the week.
And I haven't even had lunch yet!
Later on the agenda:
  • Make a cake
  • Cook other food for dinner (we're having company tonight)
  • eat lunch
  •  if the upstairs toilet replacement hasn't happened yet, dye my hair
And maybe a nap!

Happy long weekend everyone!!!!

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