Monday, February 3, 2014

Back on the wagon

It's no secret that it's been cold around here.  That cold has zapped my desire to work out.

Is it a winter thing?  It's too cold to think, let alone exercise?

Even this face couldn't get me out from my cocoon of blankets.  (This is the "I have to go pee!!!!" stare)

This week is warmer.  And I need to get motivated.


Aren't they cute????

Well, I joined a Diet Bet.  Financial motivation to actually get off my butt and not eat chocolate.

I'm not the only one that is having issues finding motivation.

I went out an ran this morning.  I downloaded a new app, this time a 10K.  Why?  Because someday I want to go to Disney and run the Princess Half Marathon.

I also got some Barre workout DVD's, let's see if I can use them.

Ok folks, here's my plan:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  running
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday:  Barre workout.

We'll meet up here on Sunday to see how I did!

(And if you want to, join the Diet Bet!  We'll motivate each other!)

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Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Bahahah @ the I have to go pee stare! :)