Friday, February 21, 2014

Something's in the Air

It's been in the air all day!

And it's not the sudden, and violent, thunderstorm that just blew through.

All day I've felt like something terrible is about to happen.  Now, I had no looming deadlines or medical test results expected.  No appointments were happening.

But I got to work and had issues remembering what I was doing.  And I would forget how to read for seconds at a time.  This is always a pre-cursor to a panic attack.

Of course it didn't help that today was a busy day that involved running around between floors and buildings.  Literal running at times.   I catered a lunch (eating a cookie that I didn't need in the process, bad me!), I put out various fires and a fiddled with the fall schedule.

I'm rather excited that the other half is going out tonight and not taking me.  I think I need a night of mindless TV and a puppy on my lap.

Though I am a little upset that the Figure Skating competition is over.  I'll be missing my Johnny Weir outfits!

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