Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tax Return Season

It's that time again.  To responsibly spend our tax returns!

Have you done your taxes yet?

I have!

The earlier that you do them, the faster you get your money back!

So what did I do with my refund?

I paid off bills.  My credit cards now have $0 balances.  The water bill at the former place is gone.  My savings accounts have some cash in them.

Then I bought some things for myself:

I went to Food Ireland and got some mixes.  They were sold out of the mix that I wanted, a fact that wasn't clear until after I submitted my order.  But I did get some things to try.
I got some bread mixes and a scone mix.

Then I went to Amazon (since it was sold out on foodireland.com) and did some Call the Midwife inspired shopping.

That's right.  I had to buy some Horlicks.

I'm still waiting for that one to come in the mail.

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